Lightning fast…



Help your clients dive into a floorplan with an impressive and affordable presentation, no matter the project’s stage. Help them understand the space long before they’ve stepped in the property.


  • for concept design stage projects

  • for projects in construction

  • for already built projects

We turn 2D drawings…


…fully furnished 3D floorplans

and let you

feel the space in a Virtual CG Tour

It looks like that:

It takes only two days!

for up to 60 sq.m., with one revision included


Send us your floorplan

or furniture layout with some additional information regarding the flooring materials and bathroom tiles colour.

  • DWG

  • JPEG

  • PDF


Get a full Virtual CG Tour

of your own space – ready for exploration – via your computer or VR headset. You will receive a list of different media for your tour:




And it is really affordable!

for single-floor properties up to 60 sq.m., with one revision included


Geometry of the space without furniture – walls, slabs, beams, ceiling etc.

200 EURO

Level of detail:

Geometry of the space

Doors and windows

Flooring materials

What you receive:

3 renders

one 360 panorama

3D Floorplan


Including indicative furniture models as shown on the 2D floorplan drawing.

450 EURO

Level of detail:

BASIC package features

Indicative furniture models

Light objects

What you receive:

6 renders

two 360 panorama

3D Floorplan


Fully textured interior space with indicative furniture models and light fixtures.

800 EURO

Level of detail:

LIGHT package features

Furniture textures

Additional objects – props

What you receive:

9 renders

three 360 panorama

3D Floorplan

Who can benefit from VR tours?

Real Estate Agencies

Get ahead of your competition by boosting the presentation of the properties you are selling.

Architects and Desigers

Speed up your design process and make many more creative decisions for your projects.

Potential End Clients

Let your clients walk around their future apartment even before construction works have started.

Builders and Investors

Have a walk in your investment property even in design stage and be aware of the end product in advance.

We are a group of architects with years of experience, putting everything we know in practice to create various kinds of presentation materials – from colour floorplans to life-like visualisations – to help you with your design/commercial projects.

We approach every new challenge with a warm heart, cool head and working hands. We don’t provide one-size fits all solutions – we take the time to really understand our clients and their specific needs. And then we make things happen.

If you’d like to know more about our services portfolio visit our webpage.

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