Lightning fast…


We help clients walk inside their dream home with an impressive and affordable 3D presentation, no matter the project’s stage. Immerse in your own space before it has been built.


  • for concept design stage projects

  • for projects in construction

  • for already built projects

We turn 2D drawings…

…into fully furnished 3D floorplans

and let you feel the space in a VR tour

It looks like that:

And it takes only 3 days!

for single-floor properties up to 60 sq.m., with one revision included

At an affordable price!

price is based on total area of the property, with one revision included


Including indicative furniture models as
shown on the 2D floorplan drawing.

Level of detail:

Basic room finishes

Indicative furniture models

Light objects

What you receive:

– 6 renders

– Three 360 panorama

– 3D Floorplan

– Animation (30 sec.)


Fully textured interior space with detailed
furniture models and light fixtures.

Level of detail:

LIGHT package features

Furniture textures

Additional objects – props

What you receive:

– 6 renders

– Three 360 panorama

– 3D Floorplan

– Animation (30 sec.)

*No custom interior design included.

What types of 3D media you can get?

3D renders

You get up to 9 renders of all the rooms in the project. Typically the living room has at least 3 renders – one for kitchen, one for the whole space and one around the sofa; one in each bedrooms; one in the entrance area; one in the bathroom

360 panoramas

Each projec will get three 360 panoramas which are accessible through links nested in 3d floorplan map.

They lead to a web service called Kuula where the panoramas are nested.


Separate  animations are produced for every room, showcasing the whole property. They are combined together with some music in one video ready to be posted on social media.

We have the option to add some text on the video to further promote the property.

Stand alone VR walkthroughs

Ready to roam around walkthrough presentations. They can be further enriched with a VR headset where the immersion is limitless.
If your computer cannot handle the heavy fiile we can offer web based walkthroughs.

Check how all these presentations work together on this demo building project webpage example:


Who can benefit from VR tours?

Real Estate Agencies

Get ahead of your competition by boosting the presentation of the properties you are selling.

Architects and Desigers

Speed up your design process and make many more creative decisions for your projects.

Potential End Clients

Let your clients walk around their future apartment even before construction works have started.

Builders and Investors

Have a walk in your investment property even in design stage and be aware of the end product in advance.

We are a group of architects with years of experience, putting everything we know in practice to create various kinds of presentation materials – from colour floorplans to life-like visualisations – to help you with your design/commercial projects.

We approach every new challenge with a warm heart, cool head and working hands. We don’t provide one-size fits all solutions – we take the time to really understand our clients and their specific needs. And then we make things happen.

If you’d like to know more about our services portfolio visit our webpage.

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